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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Department of Media, Communication and Culture


The PhD in Media, Communication and Culture offers training for research into the main questions affecting the field of communication and culture from a culturalist perspective and a vocation for providing a public service.

It is focused on the study and predictions of the current crises of paradigms in the field of communication and on the different changes (in terms of economic and professional changes, production, meaning, reception and consumption) that are taking place in media culture.

The ambition of this programme is to train professional researchers who are capable of taking part in the current social and international debates, whether in universities and research institutes or areas of public or private management of communication and culture.

This orientation towards the social and cultural application of  academic knowledge can be seen in the main lines of research included in the programme: Cultural Studies, the Economics and Structure of Communication, Communication Policies, Discourse Analysis and the Culture of Peace, Theories of Information Society, Gender Studies and Literary Communication and Journalism, some of which are appreciably more specialised that those offered in Catalan universities in general.

These lines of the research articulate a long tradition of perspectives in communication studies at the UAB, which have been and continue to be developed by some of the most significant and recognised staff on the programme for decades, and which now have new focuses such as the new forms of journalism in the West that have emerged as a result of the crisis and forecasts for globalisation and internet.