Master's Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary Making


This master's degree programme is structured according to two lines of work, one for theory and one for practice, which are conducted in parallel right from the start of the year.

The theoretical part is worked on mainly from October to February. Four classroom hours are devoted to it daily from Monday to Thursday.
The theoretical block of this master's degree is regarded as an essential part of students' education. The decisions they take in the practical part of the course must be informed by their knowledge of different approaches to documentary-making, its historical development and the different aesthetic options available.

The practical part of the course starts immediately in the first week, with the projects classes. It gradually becomes more intensive up to February, when a pitching session is held, and continues on until the end of the course. Throughout the academic year students perform research and pre-production tasks on the possible topics for their documentaries. Full-time commitment is required during the whole course period.
Students conduct documentary projects in groups of five. During this process they have constant support from professionals specialising in the different roles involved in documentary production.

Subject Credits Type
History and dramaturgy of the documentary
15 ECTS Obligatory
Aesthetics and documentary genres
15 ECTS Obligatory
Production of documentaries
15 ECTS Obligatory
6 ECTS Obligatory
Master's Dissertation
9 ECTS Obligatory

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