Master's Degree in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing


Western industrial societies with a high level of technology have generated a style of living characterised by, among other things, a high level of stress; this brings on an increase in mental illness.

It is calculated that 25% of the population will suffer some form of mental illness throughout life, making it essential that there be more material and human resources available to help those affected by such illness.

Since the 1960s to the present, experimental change in the approach taken to mental illness with a broad range of resources has been significant, it is essential that this keeps on progressing, that the challenge represented by our lifestyles continues to be met and that greater number of psychiatry and health-cared professionals be trained to meet the demand and to ensure that the illness is redirected towards the enjoyment of a better level of mental health.

This master's degree in psychiatric and mental health nursing, centring principally on health promotion and issues of prevention, on patient-specific attention to those sufering psychiatric problems and on the bio-psycho-social, emotional and spiritual recuperation of people currently undergoing problems of mental health care, will contribute to the training of nurses capable of giving the care demanded by society to people with mental illness and of satisfying the training needs of professionals inerested in the issues and problems associated with such illness, thus contributing to these professionals' ability to provide comprehensive and quality-based care.


- Define and analyse nursing responsibilities in the area of intensive care of critical patients, to be able to act effectively and efficiently as a nursing team member in hospital units for critical patients while contributing an effective use of resources and knowledge.

- Identify and evaluate the specific characteristics of critical patients, their families and their environment and design a plan of nursing care for the critical patient based on scientific evidence in the different situations of complexity that can occur during the hospitalisation process.

- Demonstrate an attitude and skills sufficient for carrying out the clinical techniques and care procedures for the critical patient using criteria of responsibility and safety.

Access requirements

Official/recognised university qualification of at least 180 ECTS credits in the field of health.

Career opportunities

- The integration of the competences acquired on this master's will facilitate holders to:
- Form part of interdisciplinary teams for the comprehensive assessment of mental health and illness.
- Lead nursing consultation and services offering comprehensive cure to people affected by problems of mental health.
- Health and/or public health services centred on the promotion of mental health and the prevention and stabilisation of mental-health problems.
- Management of the provision of public health services for people suffering mental-health problems.


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UAB-specific Master's Degree

10 Edition
Places: 41
Orientation: Professional
Code: 2213/10
Price: 3800 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: E.U.I de l'Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Barcelona
Dates: from 26/09/2018 to 22/05/2019
Teaching language:
Catalan (50%), Spanish (50%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería del Hospital de la Santa Cruz y de San Pablo

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