There is growing demand for professionals with experience in catastrophes and non-hospital emergencies, and therefore a need for training in this area. For many years it was normal practice for accident victims to be taken to hospital accident and emergency units in poorly-equipped ambulances manned by non-professionals.

However, recent research conducted on both hospital and non-hospital emergencies has shown that high-quality care given during the first hour after an accident is fundamental to preventing or mitigating its effects.

This has led to the creation of a series of new hospital and non-hospital emergency services. These services have had a great impact on the population and their use has increased, as shown by the number of actions carried out in recent years, and the extremely serious nature of some of the situations dealt with. All this adds up to a greater need for nursing professionals working in this field: with good theoretical and practical training and able to cope with new situations through reflective practice.


Learn about emergency systems and how to act in the event of an emergency with immediate risk to the life of one or more individuals.

Access requirements

- Pre-EHEA university diploma in nursing, and bachelor's degree in nursing or medicine.

- Access to the Master's degree is open to applicants who have the UAB Graduate Diploma in Emergencies and Catastrophes (40 ECTS credits), who will take 22 credits corresponding to Research Methodology, Master's Dissertation and Practical Work 2. Each academic year 10 places will be offered until all the graduate diploma students have had an opportunity to join the programme.

Career opportunities

- Emergency response teams.
- Non-hospital and catastrophe response teams.


Axel Mora Sabanés

Phone: 934894078


UAB-specific Master's Degree

5 Edition
Places: 54
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3319/5
Price: 3960 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Unitat Docent Vall d'Hebron. Facultat de Medicina.
Dates: from 19/09/2018 to 19/09/2019
Teaching language:
Catalan (80%), Spanish (20%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Enfermería

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