Master's Degree in Child and adolescent psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychology


The Masters degree in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychology aims to train medical and psychology professionals in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of psychological problems in children and adolescents and their families.

Child and youth psychiatry is a recognised specialist field in almost all countries of the EEC and includes the existence of chairs and specialisation courses as well as specific healthcare plans. This is due to the evolutive biological characteristic of mental organisation both in terms of adaptation and learning.

Family and social organisation in general around child and adolescent pathologies impresses the need for this specialist area with its well defined and differentiated characteristics.


- Divulge the theory of the sub-areas of clinical and therapeutic diagnostic evaluation, and of community and forensic child psychiatry.

- Understand and use the terminology of psychopathology and use present-day manuals on diagnosis (diagnostic criteria).

- Learn the principal clinical symptoms of the psychiatric and psychological disorders that affect children and adolescents.

- Perform clinical interviews and diagnostic studies.

- Acquire knowledge of the planning and application of therapeutic strategies.

- Gain practice in the above sub-areas.

- Students receive theoretical and practical training in contact with patients and monitored by tutors.

Access requirements

Degree in Psychology or Medicine.

Career opportunities

Clinical practice in the areas of child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology.


Beth Dominguez

Phone: 935812381



UAB-specific Master's Degree

20 Edition
Places: 30
Orientation: Research, Professional
120 ECTS
Code: 2407/20
Price: 7920 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Centre Fòrum (C/ Llull, 410, Barcelona, 08019)
Dates: from 05/10/2016 to 05/07/2018
Teaching language:
Catalan (50%), Spanish (50%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Psiquiatría y Medicina Legal
Collaborating centres:
ENG/Col·legi Oficial de Psicòlegs de Catalunya

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