Graphic design and photography require a high degree of specialisation in professionals of the sector.

Training and reflection, techniques and aesthetics, are the key aspects which differentiate this graduate programme.

Having criteria and knowing how to navigate between the fine lines defining technique and design; and between artistic discourses and professional practices, is essential for the preparation of creative and innovative projects which can at the same time communicate messages in an effective, efficient and strategic manner.

Addressed to graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, the programme permits students to acquire greater technical, aesthetic and practical knowledge by the hands of renowned professionals working in the design, photography and editorial sector.


Formulate the scope of graphic production as an essential complement to the final execution of the graphic design.
Acquire a sound knowledge of production: how it can restrict the work of good designers but also provide them with opportunities.

Display knowledge of the functional and creative uses of photography in the design of publications, at a level beyond that of bachelor's degrees in design, fine arts or communication, as a basis for carrying out design projects for photography publications.

Apply knowledge of the fundamental principles of photographic reproduction in design projects for photography publications.

Communicate the characteristics of a design project clearly, using suitable media, to other participants: readers, clients, commissioners, artists and suppliers.

Work independently on design projects for photography publications.

Access requirements

Student profile: Graduates in design, communication and advertising, fine arts, professionals with experience in photography, in design, or in the field of visual creations.

The programme is addressed to people with training or professional experience in the fields of graphic design, journalism, advertising, fine arts and publishing. A university degree is required to be admitted to the programme. In exceptional cases, depending on your personal skills or other work experiences, you may be admitted to the programme even if you do not hold a university degree and issued a certificate at completion.


Vivian FernŠndez

Phone: 932030923



UAB Graduate Diploma

6 Edition
Places: 25
Orientation: Professional
Code: 2852/6
Price: 3375 §

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Modality: Onsite
Location: EINA, Escola de Disseny i Art, Passeig de Santa Eulŗlia 25, Barcelona
Dates: from 26/09/2017 to 13/06/2018
Teaching language:
Catalan (50%), Spanish (50%)
Coordinating centres:
Eina, Centro Universitario de DiseŮo y Arte de Barcelona

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