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The master's degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology consists of four semesters (2 years) and is worth a total of 120 ECTS credits. The programme consists of 6 course units, each worth 15 ECTS credits, and one 30-credit course unit corresponding to the master thesis.

Each course unit is made up of several blocks (according to the specialisation of each centre participating in the master's degree). The master's degree is designed for students to complete a workload of 30 ECTS per semester. It is compulsory for students to spend either one or two semesters abroad in one of the other participating universities.

The programme has been designed in such a way that Course units 1 (General Anthropology I) and 2 (General Anthropology II) are normally taken at the Home University during the first semester. Course unit 3 (Thematic Module) can be partially or fully completed at one of the Host Universities. Course unit 4 (Creole Erasmus Exchange) consists of an intensive programme with lectures given by foreign professors. Course unit 5 (MA Thesis I) includes research and, given the nature of anthropological research, usually implies fieldwork and ethnographic research in the site chosen by the student. Course unit 6 (MA Thesis II) is completed at the student's Home University, since this course unit consists of the student defending their Master Thesis.

Study plan structure

Type Credits
Compulsory 60
Optional 30
Master Thesis 30

First term


Module Credits Type
First year    
General Anthropology I 15 OB*
General Anthropology II 15 OB*


Second and Third term


Module Credits Type
Creole Erasmus Exchange 15 OB
MA Thesis I 15 OB
Thematic Module I (New Identities) 15 OT*
Thematic Module II (Visual Culture and Popular Culture) 15 OT*
Thematic Module III (Material Culture and Consumption) 15 OT*


Fourth term


Module Credits Type
MA Thesis II 30 OB*


OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional

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