Grau d'Estudis Francesos

The Bachelor's Degree in French Studies provides students with a broad insight into French language, linguistics, literature and culture. The degree is offered jointly by the UAB and the UB and classes are given at both centres.

This degree forms experts in such diverse areas such as text editing and proofreading, language technologies, translation, speech therapy, multilingual communication, teaching, tourism, international relations, cultural services, etc. Students can also choose from three specialisations: French Applied Linguistics (UAB), Culture and Contemporary Creation of French Expression (UB), and Medieval Romance Cultures and Literatures (UAB).

Multilingualism is a key factor when preparing for a professional career in this globalised world. The knowledge French and the French culture is to this sense an asset with a wide array of possibilities, as can be seen by the fact that universities all over Europe offer studies in this discipline. Moreover, there are very close ties between Catalonia and Spain and the French-speaking society at many levels: in tourism, commerce, migration, etc.

Graduates in French Studies are prepared to apply advanced knowledge to the professional areas requiring solid training in the French language, its linguistics, literature and its historical and cultural context. They acquire skills needed for in-depth interpretation and analysis of literary works and a master of the French language at a high level professionally (Level C2).

The degree is offered at some of the university's leading centres: both the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at the UAB and the Faculty of Language Studies at the UB are known for the years of experience in teaching and researching on the French language and culture and have several ties with universities in France.

Student Profile

Students wishing to take this course should have an outstanding aptitude for language-learning and a great interest in language and culture in general and the French language and culture in particular.
The language used on this degree programme is French. Therefore, as well as an excellent command of their mother tongue, students must have a full command of French in order to be able to understand the texts and lectures and express themselves appropriately both orally and in writing.

Career options

Future graduates will have acquired solid training in the French and French languages, literatures and cultures. This will facilitate entering the labour market in any of the sectors related to language or multilingualism in any of the European Union member states, such as language teaching, cultural mediation, access to highly qualified posts in businesses, and sectors related to tourist activities, cultural exchanges, etc.

Students are increasingly being offered work in automatic language processing, both oral and written, by various leading companies in this sector.  

Coordinator and coordination team

Anna Corral

Teaching staff list

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ECTS methodology implies continuous assessment of all students' work.


Mornings and afternoons

Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Bellaterra Campus
Pre-enrolment code: 91904
40 places
Number of credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 4 years
Coordinator university: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Other participating universities: Universitat de Barcelona
Language: French, Catalan and Spanish.
Price per credit: 25.27 euros
Course begins on: 12 September
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: The year is divided into semesters and teaching is shared by both universities responsible for the degree (the university where classes take place is indicated next to each subject on the schedule).
Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.
Title of qualification awarded: Bachelor's degree in French Studies
Arts and Humanities

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