Degree in Primary Education to the UAB

The Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education aims to provide basic training needed to work as a teacher of the 6 to 12 year age group in compulsory education. The degree is based on the teaching methods of Rosa Sensat, known throughout the country for her tasks as an educator and teacher. The bachelor's degree aims to train professionals prepared to teach within the context of the Catalan school system.

The degree offers general training with the possibility of choosing from four specialisations: Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Musical Education and Special Educational Needs.

The syllabus includes training in the areas of Education Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Teaching Methods, with a series of work placements done either in primary schools or adult education centres. There is a high demand to enrol in this degree. Ninety per cent of our students complete the degree and 97% of them enter the workforce.

The importance this degree has for the UAB is demonstrated by the fact that it forms part of the Campus of International Excellence's strategic line of action, the Education and Training Cluster which was designed as a space for long-lasting improvements and innovations.

Student Profile

The ideal student for this course should have the following qualities:

  • Motivation for the education and training of schoolchildren.
  • Responsible and able to work in a team and form relationships.
  • Observant and able to listen, argue, communicate, negotiate and reach agreements.
  • Organised and methodological and at the same time creative and flexible with the capacity for analysis and to respond to complex situations.
  • Good command of the official languages.
To be admitted to the double degree you must pass a personal aptitude test (Prova d'aptitud personal) which, starting in the 2017/18 academic year, will consist in two tests. One will assess your communicative and critical reasoning skills and the other, your logical-mathematical skills. More information on the personal aptitude test

Career options

The main role of these graduates is the regulated and basic education of children (6 to 12 years). The main areas of employment for graduates are:

  • Primary Education.
  • Adult education centres.
  • Hospital classrooms.
  • Penitentiary classrooms.
  • World specialisation.
  • Teaching departments in cultural centres.
  • Non-formal teaching.
  • Management of extracurricular activities in cultural companies and services.
  • Design of educational programmes for entities and institutions.
  • Entrepreneurship.

Teaching staff list

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Academic calendar

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Learning resources

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Faculty of Education
Bellaterra Campus
Pre-enrolment code: 21018
180 places
Number of credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Language: Catalan and Spanish

Price per credit: 25.27 euros
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Year-long
Part-time or full-time: Full-time dedication. Part-time option available.
Social Sciences and Law

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