As from academic year 2016-2017, first-year places on these studies will no longer be offered.

The Bachelor's Degree in Catalan and Classics offers a solid training in the Catalan language, literature and culture, and a broad knowledge of the classical languages (Latin and Greek) and their literature and culture. Students will acquire expert knowledge both in a Romance language, Catalan, and in the classical languages, the cultural and philosophical bases of the Western world.

The enlargement of the European Union and globalisation represents an exponential increase in multilingual communication and, therefore, there is the need to define new communication strategies which facilitate to the maximum the efforts made in language learning and training. The technological processes also require new multilingual tools with which to manage the flow of both written and audiovisual documents. There is thus an ever growing need for language-related professionals in a variety of sectors. Professionals such as these cannot limit themselves to mastering only one foreign language given that socially there is a need for all professional tasks related to languages to be carried out by polyglots. 

The UAB is the only university in Spain to offer combined language study degrees which provide students with advanced skills in two languages and their literature. Therefore, this combined degree represents a step forward in the field of language studies and at the same time the commitment to bring our degrees closer to academic programmes available in universities abroad. 

Student Profile

The ideal student for this degree should have the following qualities: 

- Good written and oral expression
- Capacity for synthesis and comprehension
- Instrumental fluency in the languages of the degree
- Capacity for interpretation and reasoning
- Interest in language, literature and culture in general
- Capacity to relate linguistic, literary and cultural phenomena

Career options

This degree will provide students with expert knowledge in Catalan and in the classical languages - recognised as being the cultural and philosophical foundations of the Western world - which will help them to join the labour market in any EU country in sectors related to language or multilingualism, such as language teaching, cultural mediation, cultural management, computational linguistics, terminology, etc.

Coordinator and coordination team

Marta Oller
93 581 27 49

Teaching staff list

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ECTS methodology implies continuous assessment of all students' work.


Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Learning resources

Learning resources

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Bellaterra campus
Pre-enrolment code:
Number of credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 4 years
Language: Catalan and Spanish.
Price per credit: 25.27 euros
Course begins on: 12 September
Face-to-face learning
Period of study: Course semesters.
Part-time or full-time: Full-time, part-time, and slow track available.
Arts and Humanities

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