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The Bachelor's Degree in Design at the UAB is offered by EINA, Barcelona's University School of Design and Art (a UAB-affiliated centre). The centre trains creators and professionals with a high degree of responsibility and autonomy, since they will acquire the abilities and skills needed to adapt to ever-changing scenarios.

The degree offers different specialisations (interior design, industrial product design, graphic design, visual creation and design culture) which respond to the wide variety of economic and cultural sectors in which design plays a key role in the definition of images, products and spaces.

Today, designers take an active part in the creation and development of all types of services and products. Their task is vital to the innovation processes. Moreover, they provide social and environmental values and cultural and aesthetic quality to our surroundings. To maintain these standards, designers must have a very complete training. In addition to mastering techniques, design professionals must be able to interpret the context in which they must act, take on responsibilities and work with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The field of design includes knowledge and skills related to such diverse sectors such as visual expression and representation, technology and science, and the humanities.

The training provides students to acquire a broad range of knowledge in design, culture and the arts, aesthetic tendencies and technology; to identify use and communication problems which can be solved through design; to propose improvements and innovations and transmit them to clients, businesses and non-specialised audiences; and to develop a high degree of autonomy and the capacity to continue learning.

EINA, founded in 1967, has a broad experience in offering flexible and innovative teaching, related to international trends in modern creations in the fields of designs and the arts. Throughout these years it has formed generations of quality creators and professionals who have gone on to shape and renew our cultural surroundings.

Student Profile

These studies are addressed to any student, regardless of the secondary education you have taken. Nevertheless, some skills help with the development of these studies such as creativity and imagination, artistic sensitivity, concern for new technologies, valuation of innovation, technical skills, capacity for observation and facility for visual representation.

Career options

Professional in Design of Spaces: Domestic and commercial interior design, rehabilitation, adaptation of work spaces and offices, public spaces and gardens, event design and ephemeral spaces, stands, design of systems for commercial buildings and franchises, design of exhibitions, shop design.

Professional in Graphic Design: Publishing design, books and periodicals, layout, corporate identity and company and public organisation images, development of brand image, art management, design of graphic interfaces, design for television, interactive and multimedia design, and typographic creation.

Professional in Visual Creation: Photography, photo editing and modification, illustration, poster design, serigraphy, creation of graphic art, stamping, animation, design of illustrated books, scientific illustration.

Professional in Product Design: Design of domestic, urban and workplace furniture, design of personal objects, gifts and household complements, office items, electrical appliances, automobile components, design of containers and packaging.

Design Culture Professions: Company management and design projects, organisation of design exhibitions, design criticism, design research and teaching, organisation of cultural events, coordination of publishing projects.

Teaching staff list

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Continuous assessment based on practical assignments, written exams, students' portfolios, written assignments, projects, etc.



Academic calendar

Academic calendar

Learning resources

Learning resources

EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona (affiliated school)
Pre-enrolment code: 21015
110 places
Number of credits: 240
Duration: 4 years
Language: Catalan (60%), Spanish (30%), English (10%)
Price per credit: 132 euros
Specific scholarships: Grants for new-access students For students wanting to learn at EINA, who cannot meet the cost, EINA offers 10 grants. Each grant represents a 50% discount on the credit price during the four Degree in Design courses. Course continuance grants Grants of up to 25% of the cost of enrolment for students enrolled at EINA who, at a certain time due to unexpected changes to family circumstances, and having demonstrated an effort in their studies, can no longer meet enrolments. Collaboration grants Grants are periodically awarded for students that represent a discount on enrolments for the provision of assistance services for various tasks that are carried out at the school outside the class timetable.
Classroom-based learning
Period of study: Annual, with some semester-long subjects
Part-time or full-time: Full-time, with a slow track available: 30 credits per academic year.
Arts and Humanities

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