Buddy Programme for the UAB Barcelona Summer School

The Buddy Programme for the UAB Barcelona Summer School has the objective to allow international students who participate in the UAB Summer School to meet UAB students, get to know our culture and participate in university activities.

Week 1  
Tuesday 25 June / Monday 15 July
9 am Welcome in the forecourt of the Cinema building
9.30 am Welcome session in the Cinema building
Wednesday 26 June / Wednesday 17 July
2 pm Tàndem, language practice

With the excuse of practising languages you can meet up with local and international students and exchange experiences through games and activities.
Thursday 27 June / Thursday 18 July
1 pm International Lunch
Everyone should bring a dish that is typical in their country and we will all have lunch together. This is a great way of finding out about other cultures through food! You can also ask the buddies for information about the places you would like to visit, or organise activities with them.
Week 2  
Tuesday 2 July / Tuesday 23 July
2 pm Workshop: Catalan from scratch
This workshop offers the opportunity to get closer to Catalan and learn a few words and phrases that will be helpful during your stay and make it much more interesting. Registration
Wednesday 3 July / Wednesday 24 July
2 pm Campus walk.
Get to know the UAB campus from a different viewpoint and visit the green spaces and woodland and streamside pathways. Registration
Thursday 4 de July
2pm Human castles workshop
The Ganàpies is the human castles team of the UAB, and they will tell you all about the castles and show you some of the basic techniques for building them. Anyone who dares can try yo be a casteller for a day! Registration
Week 3  
Tuesday 9 July / Tuesday 30 July
2 pm Sports activities on the campus. Registration
Friday 12 July / Friday 2 August
12 pm Closing session in the Cinema


Students from UAB Barcelona Summer School have free access to Servei d'Activitat Física - SAF (UAB Sport Facilities). In order to access to SAF students must contact to summer@uab.cat.