Buddy Programme for the UAB Barcelona Summer School

Buddy Programme

Be part of the UAB Barcelona Summer School community participating in the Buddy Program. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a presential or online international atmosphere, participating in activities beyond the academic life. 

Through UABBSS, you will have access to a space to share your experiences with foreign and local students and learn about other cultures, besides making yours known. You will have at your disposal a space where activities will be held to make you enjoy Summer School international experience.


Buddy Tandem

Practice languages with a peer from UAB Barcelona Summer School. Discover Catalonia through its people. 

Buddy Cuina

Recipes from around the world: Discover and taste the best food in the world.

Buddy Ganapies

Find out about the human towers. 

Buddy Quizz

Prove yourself and take part in contests with your peers from the Summer School community. 

Buddy Esport

Do sports with the UAB.


Learn how to dance swing and enjoy dance performances.

Buddy Cultura

Listen to the best music made in the university.


Learn your first words in Catalan.   

Buddy Escacs

Take part in a chess tournament.