Enrolment: 1st year

Enrolment: 1st year

Those entering university for the first time and wishing to enrol on FUAB Formació courses must first go through the university pre-enrolment process using the Accés Universitat website.

University pre-enrolment takes place on the established dates (June and September).

Students should make sure that their pre-enrolment has been correctly recorded by the web application. When printed out, the date and time of recording must appear on the printout. If they do not appear, you must record the pre-enrolment again or it will not be included when allocating places. Keep a printout of the pre-enrolment as you will need to present it if you put forward a claim of any kind.

Please note: you should make sure the pre-enrolment has been correctly validated and that no documents need to be delivered to the Oficina d’Orientació per l’Accés a la Universitat (Office for Guidance on University Access).

Once admitted to your FUAB Formació course you need to complete the enrolment. Enrolment takes place at the centre on the day and time allocated to you by the Gestió Acadèmica, which you will be informed of by email and telephone.

If you cannot be present to enrol, you may authorise another person to do so in your name. This person must bring an authorisation letter with the details of both persons and signed by both, and a photocopy of both persons' national identity documents (DNI) or Tax Identification Numbers (NIF).

Students enrolling for the first time will be called to a welcome session that will include information on the enrolment process. Attendance is important for this reason. This session is held in July.


In the attached document you will find the enrolment calendar for the School of Prevention and Integral Safety.


Online students should consult the specific guidelines on enrolment on this type of programme:

Enrolment guidelines.


Students must bring all the documents needed to enrol on the day and time set. Make sure you have the following.

- Completed enrolment form (download this from the website or collect it at the welcome session).
- Application form for recognition of advanced vocational training (where appropriate). The training that can be recognised for each programme is as follows.

Bachelor's degree in Prevention and Integral Safety and Security

Bachelor's degree in Prevention and Integral Safety and Security (online)

- Photocopy of national identity card or passport.
- Written confirmation of access to the programme:

• PAU (university entrance exam) or equivalent: No documents required
• CFGS (advanced vocational training): No documents required except in the case of recognition of training credits)
• Access through exam for people over 25 years, 45 years or 40 years: no documents required.
• Non-EU and non-resident students: no documents required.
• Credential issued by the UNED (students from educational centres in EU member states), applications by internet

- Bank's direct debit form (only if payment is to be in two instalments)
- Receipt for grant applications that have been made, or the AGAUR financial credential.
- Where appropriate, the following are to be submitted:

• Family concession card: photocopy of the current family concession card detailing all members of the family unit (*).
• Degree of disability of 33% or above: a certificate to this effect from the Institut Català d’Assistència i Serveis Socials or an equivalent Spanish Autonomous Community body (*).

(*) The corresponding reduction will not be applied if a photocopy of the current document is not supplied.