University entrance qualifications for EU citizens or citizens under bilateral agreements

University entrance qualifications for EU citizens or bilateral agreements

If you are a citizen of one of the EU member states or of a country with a bilateral agreement with Spain, you can enrol in a Spanish university under the same conditions as Spanish students who have passed their university entrance exams, provided that your grades also grant you entrance to a university in your home country.

You may register to take the ‘specific phase’ of the university entrance exams (this refers to the non-general tests for students who opt for specific disciplines in the sciences or the humanities) before obtaining the grades certifying that you are eligible for university studies in your home country.

Education systems: European Union member states, Switzerland, China, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, students of the European or International Baccalaureate.

The Spanish National University for Distance Education (UNED) is the central grade-validating entity for foreign-student applications to study a degree in any Spanish university. Please confirm with UNED all further information on specific requirements for your country by consulting the following website:

Once your documents have been validated by UNED, you may then pre-register for the studies you wish to enrol in at the University Access Office (Oficina d’Orientació per a l’Accés a la Universitat), through the following link:

Additional support from UNED may be obtained as follows:
By phone:
+34 91 398 6614
+34 91 398 6616
+34 91 398 8984
+34 91 398 6612
By E-mail:

For all applications, the following information should be carefully considered:

  • You cannot access a Spanish university through this means if you have already enrolled in a university in Spain.
  • You do not need to take a language level test before enrolling at the UAB.
  • If you have taken both the Spanish university entrance exams (‘PAU’) and the university-entrance exams in your home country, only one set of grades can be taken into account when admitting you to the university.

If you wish to take the ‘specific phase’ of the entrance exams, you must also obtain a certificate for this purpose; this must be presented before taking these exams.

If you wish to improve your grade and opt for the 14-point access grade (the maximum grade awarded in the Spanish university-access tests), you have two options:

  1. Be examined for subjects in the ‘specific phase’ of the Spanish university entrance exams, in any Spanish university. The two highest grades for these subjects are taken into account, once duly weighted.
  2. Be examined for subjects in the UNED Specific-Competence Tests (PCE). The two highest grades for these subjects are taken into account, once duly weighted, provided that these subjects are accepted for grade-weighting in Catalonia.

Subjects taken in the Baccalaureate and recognised by the UNEDassis accreditation are not taken into account in calculating the admission grade.