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Disseny Lab equipment


Desktop plastic processor with SHR3D IT computer technology promoting 80% energy savings in the plastics production chain. Shreds 5.1 kg of plastic per hour. Shreds with 6 knives at 9 RPM. Subsequent granulator shred with 3 knives at 900 RPM.

The R30 Sheet Press converts granulated thermoplastic material into a usable form using heat and pressure. As standard, the formed article is a flat plastic sheet, which can typically be used for vacuum forming, laser cutting, line bending etc. Standard sheet size: 457 x 254 mm. Sheet thickness: 2-3 mm.

Clarke Vacuum Former 725FLB
Has an -0,83 bar vacuum pump, which also provides a blow release to assist in the removal of the forming. Heater hoods and platens run on chrome-plated side bars with nylon brushes. Plate size: 458 x 254 mm. Maximum mould height 152 mm. Maximum material thickness: 6mm.

Advanced control with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology is a pioneer for continuous curve control and optimised run function, so this increases the productivity greatly. It automatically equalises the laser power throughout the operation to ensure the same cutting effect with any geometry. It was be used with AUTOCAD and CorelDraw. Working area: 1,300 x 900 mm. Cutting thickness: up to 20 mm (depending on material). Laser wave length: 10,640 mm. File format: DXF, PLT, EPS, AI, BMP. Materials that can be worked: wood, card, paper, leather, different types of plastic sheet (Perspex, PET, HDPI), fabric.

Precision vinyl cutting as well as other types of material a speeds of up to 50 cm per second. Maximum cutting area: 584 mm x 25 m.

Additive manufacturing
32 gram shot weight (maximum) 29cm capacity; Nickel plated barrel. Voltage: 230/240 or 110 volts. Temperature: energy regulator control with reference dial (standard). Heating capacity: 600 watts. 4" dia x 6" Stroke Cylinder (TP2). 6" vice opening - maximum. Platens - 4" x 3". Mould Opening: 2". Clamping pressure 4.5 ton approx via toggle system; 25mm ID barrel offering internal sprung loaded non return valve with platicising spreader. 25mm OD fully hardened nickel plated plunger. Machine dimensions: Base - 12" x 18". Height TP2 - 29 ". TP2 = 100 of pull = 4400 nozzle.

3devo Precision Series 350 EXTRUDER
Ceramic heating to 350°C or 450°C. Interchangeable extruder design. 4 controllable heating zones. High-flow screw for greater speed. USB connectivity. Standard materials: PETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, PVA, Bio PE, NOU PET and PA (6,12,66); Professional materials: PEEK, PC, PS; Professional materials tested: PEKK, PAEK, PEI, PSU, PES, PTFE, PVDF. Speed: 1 kg PLA/hour. RPM Range: 2-15 rpm. Filament diameter 0.5-3 mm. Optic sensor accuracy 43 microns (1.69 mils). Nozzle extruder diameter 4 mm. Hopper volume: 2 litres. Spool holders: 1. Screw diameter: 240 mm. Width: 120 mm.

3D BCN3D Technologies Sigma R19 HS PRINTER
Easy to use 3D desktop printer with independent dual extruder allowing multimaterial pieces to be printed at high resolution simply and effectively. Build volume: 210 x 297 x 210 mm. Compatible materials: PLA, ABS, Filaflex, PVA, HIPS, Composites (wood, bronze, copper, fibre). Filament diameter: 3 mm. Minimum layer thickness: 0.05 mm.

3D BCN3D Technologies Sigmamax R19 HS PRINTER
Professional 3D printer with dual independent extruder and massive print volume, ideal for those who want to increase their production capacity and make industrial quality pieces. Dimensions: 420mm x 297mm x 210mm. Compatible materials: PLA, ABS, Filaflex, PVA, HIPS. Composites (wood, bronze, copper, fibre). Filament diameter: 3 mm. Minimum layer thickness: 0.05 mm.

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