UAB Research Virtual Office

On this page you can find the research procedures you can do online.

For each procedure you will find the explanation of the procedure to follow, as well as the contact details in case you have any questions.

Research activity assignment

Access to the request for the assignment or deallocation of the research activity of UAB researchers to:

  • UAB Institutes or Centers for Studies and Research
  • Institutions with their own legal personality

Request to other research procedures

Access to the request for

  • Accreditation of research activities
  • Participation in external projects
  • Request for for processing awards/agreements research certificates
  • Inclusion in EGRETA of external grants and/or agreements

Contracts and Agreements under Article 60 of the Spanish Law on Universities

Contract and agreementss with companies and institutions that may be required within the framework of the University's research activities. These tasks are carried out under the auspices of Article 60 of the Spanish Organic Law on the University System (LOSU)
Access the various models of contracts and agreements.

Procedures related to trainee research staff

Access the procedures related to trainee research staff