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Digital library

Remote access to subscribed e-resources.The Search tooldatabases, e-journals and e-books, DDD and Our collections are available. Many publishers are offering free access to digital resources. And we have prepared a compilation on COVID-19.

Reading lists

You can consult the reading lists. A trial ebooks are also available, which will be purchased based on usage statistics and/or the recommendations you make in purchase suggestion form; In addition, teachers can keep updating the reading lists.

Virtual training sessions

Sign up for our virtual trainings. There is a course on using Mendeley, a reference manager; and another on Intellectual property in the preparation of the thesis. There are, also, other courses in catalan.

Support for academic work

Look at the guides on  How to write degree works and Recommendations for preparing doctoral theses.  There are also guides and tutorials on Mendeley, a reference manager, that will help you prepare the bibliography.

Subject guides

If you want to find resources about your field of study, consult the subject guide of your area of knowledge. You will find databases, e-books and much more. Access from the Libraries main page.

videos and guides

You can find our library video guides on the UAB libraries YouTube channel. We also have guides on several topics (how to find ..., databases, research tools, etc.), subject guides and teaching resources.

Citations and bibliography

The web page How to cite and create your bibliography has guides on how to cite in different styles. We recommend using a bibliographic manager such as Mendeley that has guides and tutorials and virtual trainings.

Research assessment & accreditation

In this web page  you can find information on how to fill out the forms for accreditations, six-year terms and research sections of ANECA, AQU and CNEAI, in addition to other tools on research output.


In the DDD professors can publish their research output in open access through self-archiving. Students will find a repository with scientific documentation together with learning and academic materials.

Open access web

Do you need to know what discounts publishers offer to publish in open access? Do you have to prepare a Data Management Plan? Do you want to know the conditions of the DDD to publish research data? Check the open access website.

Intellectual property

How to write academic works respecting copyright? We offer the virtual course Intellectual property in the preparation of the thesis; and the guide Audiovisual resources and author rights.

One-to-one guidance

Our librarians provide one-to-one guidance on all services specified on this page —i.e. certification, academic works, databases, etc. —via videoconference or via other means.

Contact us

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us in multiple ways: Pregunt@, Twitter, Instagram,  Facebook, Youtube and WhatsApp (34619681146). Now, as always, we are in touch!