• You have these logos that you can use on your web pages, presentations, etc. The logos on this page are a visual identity sign of the DDD. The proportions of the images and the typographical composition are fixed and they do not support variations. Preferably use the transparent or white background, only if the background color interferes with the good readability of the text, use the negative version, with the white letter. You will find all these logos in the DDD.
DDD logoThumbnail. White background. GIF Format. Resolution 25x21 pixels

DDD small logo with white background.Small. White background. PNG Format. Resolution 57x49 pixels

DDD medium logoMedian. White background. GIF Format. Resolution 150x129 pixels

DDD logo with text  

   Logo with text. White background. JPG Format.
   Resolution 230x129 pixels

DDD logo with text and black background
  Logo with text. JPG Format. Resolution 209x71 pixels

Open access logo with grey background Logo Open Access. Grey background. JPG Format.
Resolution 870x150 pixels

Open access logo. TransparentLogo Open Access. Transparent background. GIF Format.
Resolution 870x150 pixels
Big Open access logo

Logo Open Access. White background. JPG Format
Resolution 368x260 pixels
If you can not find the image you need, please contact us

The research centers and groups with their own collection in DDD can embed an HTML script in their web page to disseminate the research documents deposited in DDD. To do this, you should copy and paste the HTML code in the web page. You can obtain the Script in this link. Exemples:

   Social Sciences
   Health Sciences and Biosciences
RSS can be generated for different collections avalaible at DDD, such as:
* Equity Fund
      Biblioteca Digital d'Història de l'Art Hispànic (
* Scientific production of research centers and groups
      Centre d'Història de la Ciència (CEHIC) (
* Theses (