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Jaume Camps Rabadà (Vic, 1930 --)
Veterinary professional who studied at Zaragoza Veterinary Medicine Faculty. Ended it’s studies in 1954. In a first stage, from 1954-1962 works on Les Garrigues (Osona) in pig & poultry livestock. Continued it’s career in Reus Granja Vilà where he carried out the first transformation of the poultry industry. Introduced also live american vaccines against poultry Newcastle Disease. In Pragsa Laboratory lived an experience as a feed manufacturer adviser. On a work placement in France introduced to the first "stone licks" substitutes salt blocks. Between 1962 and 1993 was member of Gallina Blanca Purina Technical Service. The first twenty years works in pigs, poultry and rabbits line, and in companion animals the last eleven.

Among his responsibilities is noteworthy: Vice President of the World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA) and president of the Asociación Española de Cunicultura (ASESCU) 1976-1980. Chairman of the Second World Rabbit Congress (Barcelona, 1980). President of the World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA) 1980-1984. Promoter and Director of the Centro de Investigación en Nutrición Animal “Mas Bernich” in Masquefa of 1970-1993, among other charges. Currently actively collaborates with Catalonia Academy of Veterinary Sciences (ACVC) and is president of the Catalan Association of Veterinary History (ACHV).

Documentary type and number of documents:
Collection formed by personal and family documentation, documentation derived from your professional activity, professional correspondence, scientific work, drawings, graphics, tables and photographs. It has a total of 843 documents covering the period from 1967 to 2012. The fund occupies a total of 6 boxes. A part of this fund has been digitized.

Limit dates: 1967-2012

Date of incorporation: 2012

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