Procedure for requesting a risk assessment of activities with biological agents

diagrama de flux de presentació projectes bioseguretat

Whenever biological agents, whether or not genetically modified, are to be used that pose a risk to health (human, animal or plant) or the environment, both in research and in teaching practices, express authorization must be notified or requested from the IBC. This must be done by telematic means. The procedure is the same for renewing previous requests.

What activities must be reported to the IBC?

What activities do not require reporting to the IBC? 

Research projects or experimental procedure
All those research projects and/or experimental procedures that have implications in terms of biosafety and that are carried out both at the UAB's own facilities and those of external organizations, located on campus and attached to the CBS-UAB, must be notified by telematic means. On the basis of the information provided, it will be reviewed whether the minimum requirements defined by the applicable legislation are met. A certificate, signed by the president of the CBS-UAB, will be issued when it is favorably evaluated and sent to the PI.

In those cases where the proposed activity is carried out in core facilities, the prior acceptance of the supervisor or person responsible for the installation on its viability shall be required, without this implying a favourable biosafety risk assessment.

Should a specific certificate be needed for a procedure that has already been approved, it is sufficient to send an e-mail ( with the reason for the request, the IBC code for the procedure and, in the case of research grant calls, the name of the call and the title of the project being submitted.

Teaching practices
The implementation of experimental teaching practices involves risks that must be known and controlled with safety measures with the clear aim of preventing accidents. Risks can be very different in nature depending on the type of practices (e.g. chemical, biological, mechanical, electrical, etc.). The teaching staff responsible for the practice has the obligation to inform these risks and the preventive measures to be taken in each case. For this reason, the IBC-UAB, together with the Health and Safety Office, offers the possibility of evaluating teaching practice activities from a safety point of view for students. For this purpose, an internal procedure has been established.