Specific Programmes for International Students

Foundation Year Programme


Admission requirements

  • Students must be 18 years of age or older on the 31/12/2022.
  • Candidates must have completed the last year of secondary education (baccalaureate or equivalent [EQF4]) and be in possession of a high school certificate translated into Spanish at the beginning of the program.
  • Students must hold a health insurance plan with coverage in Europe.

Access: Itinerary in Spanish

  • To Module 1 (for non-Spanish speakers only): via a Spanish language test or by presenting an official level certificate (DELE or SIELE) to prove at least an A2 level of Spanish.
  • To Module 2 for Spanish speakers: direct.
  • To Module 2 for non-Spanish speakers: via successful completion of Module 1. In Module 2, students do 2 obligatory subjects and can choose between 1 and 2 additional subjects (12 to 24 ECTS).

Access: Itinerary in English

  • Module 1 English Language (for non-English speakers only): through an English language test or with an official level certificate (IELTS, TOEFL or similar) with a minimum A2 level of English.
  • Access to Module 2 for native English speakers: direct.
  • Access to Module 2 for non-English speakers: After successfully passing Module 1 or accrediting a B2 level of English.


Those candidates for the Foundation YEAR who do not have an A2 level of Spanish will have to take a preparatory course at UAB Idiomes in the months of August and September.

For more information and registration, contact info.idiomes@uab.cat

Once enrolled in the preparatory course, they will be able to register for the Foundation Year.

Application documents required

- Students must send the following documents in PDF format to foundation.year.fuab@uab.cat

  • An official copy of their secondary education certificate or an official document certifying that they are finishing their secondary education this year.
  • A scanned copy of their passport.
  • A passport size photograph.
  • A copy of their travel medical insurance, if they already have one, as optional documentation. Please note that the students must present this document before the course start date.
  • A copy of their Spanish level certificate (DELE / SIELE) if they have one.
  • Students registered to take A1 Spanish at UAB Idiomas should also include a copy of their enrolment confirmation letter.
  • A copy of their certificate of Spanish or English Language level should they have one. Otherwise, they must take a placement test.

- Students will be contacted to arrange an online Spanish level test.

- Students will receive confirmation of their Spanish level and instructions to complete the enrolment process.

Other important information

The maximum number of credits is 60 ECTS.

Application process

Applicants must complete the Online Registration Form and send the required documents for the programme.

  • Upon completing  the pre-registration form and  submitting the required documents, students will be accepted into the program and will receive instructions to take the level test unless they have summited a language level certificate.
  • Once the level test has been completed, students will receive the options for their module 1 and module 2 itinerary, together with their quotation.
  • To formalize their registration students will have to pay a deposit fee of 500€ for one module and 1,000€ for the whole academic year (module 1 & module 2). 
  • When payment has been received, if the student has requested a visa letter in the application, UAB will send it, together with the registration confirmation.
  • Full payment for each module must be made at least 14 days before each module’s starting date.
  • If payment is not received before the deadline, registration will be cancelled.
  • Students who fail to send a copy of their travel insurance with medical coverage before the start of the program will not be able to start the course.

Please note that spaces are limited and we may not be able to guarantee your course selection.


For further information and enrolament, contact the e-mail address foundation.year.fuab@uab.cat

Payment policies

  • Payment is in Euros.
  • The amount paid as deposit (500€ or 1,000€) will be deducted from the final amount.
  • Method of payment: bank transfer.
  • Commissions on bank transfers are paid by the student. The rates vary according to country/ bank. The students should check with their bank and make sure that payment covers the full tuition fees.
  • Any commissions not paid by the student will be charged later.


To be entitled to a refund (minus the amount stipulated for administrative management expenses), cancellations must be communicated 10 working days before the starting date indicated in the course confirmation letter. Students who have applied for a visa letter will not be able to cancel the programme unless they send the visa rejection letter from the embassy.

Certificate and Transcripts

Students who successfully complete the programme will receive two official certificates; a UAB Idiomes certificate that will indicate the student's level of Spanish or level of English and another certificate that will specify the courses and final grades obtained in Module 2. These certificates are included in the tuition fees. We can only issue one version of the official certificates.

An official transcript with the same information as in the original certificate costs 15€ + tax (total 18.15€). If the transcript is to be mailed the total charge is 55€ + tax including express mailing (for the EU, the USA and Canada), and 65€ + tax for the rest of the world.