Tandem on-line

Online Tandem


The Tàndem programme offers the opportunity to practise different languages and get to know other cultures. It is a useful way of practising languages and, at the same time, gives the opportunity to help other people practise the language that they are learning or improving and to get to know students from other countries and faculties. 

Tàndem is adapted to the current situation and during a period of time we change our location at the Sala Annexa of the Hotel d'Entitats to find us through the screens. But what is important is that we will be able to maintain the link with other students and we will be able to continue knowing other languages and cultures. This semester, therefore, Tàndem online is available to all those who wish to continue practising their language skills and keep in touch with other UAB students.

The online meetings will be in groups of languages, as the face-to-face meetings, so you have to register in advance to organise the groups. 

Tàndem will take place: 
- Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
- Fridays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. 

To be able to participate, please fill in this form (from Friday to Monday). On Tuesday you'll receive a link to the virtual classroom of your Tàndem group. Tàndem online will take place until Wednesday 19th May, we'll close with a special activity.

If you have any question, please write to us at: intercanvi.estudiants@uab.cat