FM Poster Design Contest

FMUAB Poster Contest

UAB contra el canvi climàtic

The contest is addressed to the UAB staff, Alumni and students enrolled in any UAB course.

Each student may submit up to two proposals either as an individual or as a group.

The poster proposal must be submitted in JPG or PNG formatting and it is essential that pictures have a high resolution for best visualization on screen.

The proposal design must include "FMUAB19", the UAB logo, as well as the date "7 de novembre de 2019", the timetable "de 13 h a 21 h" and this year's image of the slogan of the FMUAB, which can be downloaded through the following link

To participate you must fill in that form, where you can attach the files.

The period to submit your proposals starts on June 5th 2019 and ends on September 15th 2019.

The jury will be composed of the Students and Employability Vice-Rector, a member from the Dinamització Comunitària department, a member from the Cultura en Viu department and a member from the Comunication department. Three finalists will be chosen by popular vote and the jury reserves the right to add more finalists according to their judgement. The resolution will be public on the website

The Dinamització Comunitària department will publish all proposals through FMUAB's social media to proceed with the popular vote.

The winner will be awarded with 300€* and the image of the poster will be used for the documentation of FMUAB2019 and its diffusion. The winner will be announced during the month of October.

The organization reserves the right to make changes to adapt the winning image as the FMUAB2019's image.

Submitted designs must be original — all proposals that are plagiarized or copied from an existent design will not be taken into consideration in the contest. Participants will assume full responsibility on the existence other people's rights over the proposed posters.

The organization reserves the right to declare the prize null.

* The prize will have a reduction according to legal taxes.