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Seu de la Bastida

The headquarters of the UAB Archeology Campus of La Bastida is located in Totana, in the Region of Murcia, and is the result of almost 10 years of multidisciplinary research carried out by the ASOME group of the UAB, under the name of "Project Bastida", in collaboration with the Association of Friends of the La Bastida Archaeological Site (ASBA) and, punctually, the City Halls of Totana, Pliego and Mula and the government of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.

The headquarters consists of four facilities where research and teaching tasks around the Argaric society, which developed in the peninsular southeast during the recent prehistory (2,200 to 1,550 BC), are carried out. These are:
  • Archaeological site of La Bastida (Totana)
  • Archaeological site of Tira del Lienzo (Totana)
  • Archaeological site of La Almoloya (Pliego)
  • La Bastida Research Center (Totana)

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