Konrad Eiler Konrad Eiler, awarded by the European Academy of Surface Technology

As a doctoral student at the UAB, Konrad Eiler is preparing his PhD thesis at the Department of Physics under the direction of Eva Pellicer and Jordi Sort. He was recently awarded the Schwäbisch Gmünd Prize for Young Scientists by the EAST.

IMG_NOT_210121_DissabttesFisica XXI Edició Dissabtes de la Física 2020-21

A partir del 6 de febrer i durant 5 dissabtes, la facultat de Ciències acollirà els 21ens Dissabtes de la Física. Una iniciativa del Departament de Física que té com a principal objectiu apropar la física i la ciència als joves preuniversitaris i motivar-los a conèixer el món que ens envolta d'una manera rigorosa i, alhora, entenedora.

Poster Virtual Days The UAB reopens all campus services

The UAB reopens all of its campus services starting on 6 July, with a progressive return of its staff members in groups with the objective of guaranteeing the health of workers against covid-19.

Maria Josefa Yzuel María Josefa Yzuel receives the Julio Peláez Award to Pioneers in Physics

Emeritus Professor María Josefa Yzuel was awarded the Julio Peláez Award to Pioneers in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. It was conferred onto her and also onto CSIC researcher Susana Marcos by the Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno Foundation.

Magnetisme Jordi Sort Scientists develop a magnetic switch with lower energy consumption

Joint research conducted by the UAB has shown the ability to switch magnetizacion « on » and « off » using voltage in a new class of easy-to-fabricate materials containing nitrogen. These results, published in Nature Communications, may be used to reduce energy consumption in electronic technologies.

QuantumCAT The UAB form part of the new quantum technologies hub, QuantumCAT

Coordinated by the ICFO and with the involvement of the UAB, the CNM, the IFAE and the ICN2, and other institutions, the objective of this consortium is to promote technology and innovation transfer projects with short and mid-term industrial and social impacts.

IMG_Noticia_280219_SerraHunterProgramme2019 Call for Serra Húnter Pro The Serra Húnter program has published the offer of teaching positions for Catalan universities. [+]
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Physics Degree at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona Nanoporous materials



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