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Multakana: Youth Voices for Peace 2023

Multakana: Youth Voices for Peace 2023

Imatge Multakana Youth Voices

Forum and learning experience for young activists in peacebuilding

Call for young activists in Catalonia to attend Multakana

Do you want to add your voice to a global conversation on peacebuilding?

Are you inspired to start being an active member of your community?

Do you want to make meaningful and lasting change?

If you answer YES to the above, we invite you to join us and other activists and participate at Multakana - مُلْتَقانا  Youth Voices For Peace 2023 A learning experience and a forum for young activists in peacebuilding at the University Autonomous of Barcelona.

The Fundació Autònoma Solidària (FAS), together with NOVACT, the International Institute for Non-violence, and the Association Kudwa, are launching Multakana - مُلْتَقانا  Youth Voices For Peace 2023. The project aims at enhancing the role of young activists in the promotion of peace-building and the consolidation of democracy and human rights in the Middle East and in Catalonia. 

Multakana - ملتقانا provides a platform for peacebuilders, young and professional activists, academics, as well as individuals who have just started their journey in activism from Catalonia and the Middle East to exchange experiences and knowledge on current challenges to peacebuilding and activism.

This learning experience is divided into two segments:

A. An online course: this training includes 6 modules.

Objective: The videos are designed to discuss a variety of topics on peacebuilding and activism.

Method: each of the 6 videos is 20 minutes long during March.

Content: the primary topics covered in the videos are:

  • Socio-political context of the Mashrek region
  • Power of social transformation and activism
  • Inequality, gender, and sexual violence
  • Conflict and climate interaction
  • Activists in exile and identity transformation

B. An in-person forum: taking place at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Spain, on March 30th and 31st. The forum will give the participants a chance to connect with other activists and exchange the information they obtained from the online module and their experiences. The forum will be as follows:

- Thursday, 30th of March from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (breakfast and lunch are included)

- Friday, 31st of March from 10 AM to 3 PM (breakfast and lunch are included)

The online course and the forum will be in English. Excellent English skills are not a must. Participants will just need to have a good command of the English language to communicate with other non-native speakers of English.

Transportation expenses to attend the forum at the UAB will be funded in case needed.

We are very excited about this learning experience and the forum, and we encourage you to apply. Registration is now open.

You can find the application form here:

For more information, please contact