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Tndems Lingstics


If you're a member of the university community and would like to practise a language and get to know people from other cultures, you can take part in a language exchange. Go to the Tandem Programme website.
You'll find resources for learning languages and tips for getting the most out of your exchange.

Tàndem is run jointly by the Language Service and Community Involvement of the UAB.
For instance you can consult the language exchange guide, which will give you plenty of ideas, tips and proposals to help you organise your meet-ups with your tandem partner and get the most out of these. 
As well as this you can take part in the activities designed for you get language practice that's informal, fun and free of charge. ¡No need to have a partner to join in these activities!
  • Tandem: Films in their original language
  • Tanedm: Speak in group
Tandem activities are managed by the Community Involvement unit of the UAB, with the participation of the Language Service.  

Use this form to contact us if you want more information about the programme.

Guia de suport a l'intercanvi lingstic en catal
Gua de apoyo para el intercambio lingstico
Language exchange support guide