Welcome to the Department of Animal and Food Science, a dynamic team of more than 67 graduate students, and 70 faculty members, researchers and staff. We are deeply committed to innovation and to developing knowledge to provide an outstanding education for our students in the areas of Animal Science, Food Safety, and Food Technology. We try to contribute to solving problems of vital social and economic relevance, such as the need for a sustainable, safe, and socially responsible food production.
If you are curious about our applied research or you are a prospective student interested in our degrees, please let us know. Graduates of our department have advanced to rewarding professional careers in the livestock, and food industries, government agencies, and universities.


About us

The Department of Animal and Food Science is one of three departments at the Veterinary Faculty of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona together with the Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery; and the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy.
The origin of our Department goes back to the foundation of the Department of Animal Pathology and Production, which initiated the first academic activity of our Veterinary Faculty as part of the first course for the new Veterinary degree in 1982. In the year 2000, the former Department split into the three current Departments.
Since then the Department of Animal and Food Science has been offering teaching, research, and extension programs in a variety of key areas in animal agriculture and in food science and technology, and participates in the two Bachelor degrees of our Veterinary Faculty: Veterinary and Food Science and Technology –the latest initiated in 1993–; as well as in the M.S., Quality of Food of Animal Origin, since 2013.
Our vision:
To be recognized as one of the top academic institutions in the world for undergraduate and graduate education in animal and food sciences. We aim to facilitate the development of students to become leaders and professionals with a knowledge base that includes an understanding of the economic, environmental, and social implications of Food Safety and Quality as well as of Animal Science for food, recreation, and companionship. The Department aims to become a leader in research and outreach projects in the biological and technological sciences for producing and processing food, and for a socially responsible, sustainable, and economic management and feeding of the animals.

Our mission:
To offer outstanding education and research for the safe, nutritious and sustainable production of food, and for the care of our farm and companion animals, without compromising the environment or the health and well-being of humans or animals.
We are committed to educating and preparing students for fruitful and gratifying careers in animal production and food science and technology. We offer a strong base for a successful career by providing high-quality experiences that will allow them to identify and address challenges in the future.
We are dedicated to enhancng the quality of education for our students and stakeholders through the search for excellence and balance in our academic, research, and extension programs.
The Department of Animal and Food Sciences offers education to more than 900 students each year. Learning opportunities in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences include Bachelor, Master and PhD programs to train students in becoming skilled, independent and critical professionals who are able to work in multidisciplinary teams all over the world.
Bachelors (Catalan / Spanish / English)
·       B.S. Veterinary (300 ECTS)
·       B. S. Food Science and Technology (240 ECTS)
Masters (Spanish / English)
·       M. S., Quality of Food of Animal Origin
PhD programs
·       PhD in Animal Science
·       PhD in Food Science
The research within the Department of Animal and Food Sciences is carried out by 6 research groups.
Unitat  de Tecnologia d´Aliments. UAB-CIRTTA
Grup de Recerca en Remugants
Grup de Recerca de Biotecnologia de la Producció en Espècies Ramaderes
Grup de Millora Genètica Molecular Veterinaria
Grup de Nutrició Maneig i Benestar
Grup de Recerca d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Alimentació en la Globalització