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AFIN is an interdisciplinary and inter-university research group focusing on basic and applied research in the social sciences, humanities and health sciences. It is dedicated to the study of inequality as it relates to age, sex, racial or ethnic origin, religions or convictions, disability, sexual orientation, nationality and the intersection of these aspects of identity. AFIN is based at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Since its creation in 2004, the research group has been characterized by its interdisciplinary focus, its academic relationships with other national and international research groups and institutions, and a clear commitment to ensuring that its research findings reach the citizens and communities.

AFIN disseminates and transfer its research knowledge and findings through

            - scientific publications


            - a monthly newsletter
              (ón-mensual-afin) which since March 2009 has reached 32,000 subscribers,

            - a yearly international conference

            - training and dissemination activities—meetings, retreats, conferences, talks, courses, seminars and contributions to various media-.

            - research projects

Principal investigator

Diana Marre (UAB)



Neus Abrines (Investigadora, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
Bruna Alvarez (Investigadora predoctoral. Becària FPU UAB).
Victoria Badia (Investigadora predoctoral UB)
Tomasa Bañez (Investigadora UB)
Natàlia Barcons (Investigadora postdoctoral. UAB-Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Psicóloga clínica)
Anne Cadoret (Assessora científica CNRS)
Elena Castillo (Investigadora UB)
Dolors Comas d'Argemir (Investigadora URV)
Mariana De Lorenzi (Investigadora predoctoral UB)
Margarita del Olmo (Investigadora CSIC)
Claudia Fonseca (Assessora científica UNRGdS – UNSam)
Susan Frekko (Investigadora convidada. Goucher College)
Victoria Fumadó (Investigadora Hospital Sant Joan de Déu)
Paola Galbany (Investigadora UAB) Maria Galizia (Gestió)
Maria Galizia (Gestió)
Esther Grau (Psicóloga clínica, CRIA)
María Fernanda Guerrero (Investigadora predoctoral, UAB)
Raúl Hernández (Investigador predoctoral Becario FPI UAB)
Pilar Isla (Investigadora UB)
Jessaca Leinaweaver (Investigadora predoctoral, UAB)
Yanping Liao (Investigadora predoctoral UAB)
Valeria Llobet (UNSAM-Conicet)
Carme López (Investigadora UB)
Isabel Miralles (Investigadora UB)
Nadja Monnet (Investigadora UAB)
Rosa Mora (Psicóloga clínica, CRIA)
Lila Parrondo (Psicóloga clínica, Adoptantis)
Silvia Posocco (Investigadora, Birkbeck, University of London)
Assumpta Rigol (Investigadora UB)
Maria José Rodríguez (Investigadora UA)
Neus Roig (Investigadora predoctoral UAB)
Beatriz San Román (Investigadora postdoctoral UAB)
Marcin Smietana (Investigador postdoctoral UAB)
Anaïs Vidal (Documentalista, terapeuta, CRIA)
Barbara Yngvesson (Assessora científica Hampshire College)

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