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Undergraduate courses delivered in English

Bachelor's degrees taught 100% in English Bachelor's degrees with more than 75% taught in English
Business Management and Administration
(1st year subjects are not available to exchange students)
English Studies
Primary Education

Undergraduate courses delivered in English, listed by bachelor's degrees
This is the general list of subjects in English at the UAB. For detailed information, updates and course availability, please check the Faculty or School. Legend as follows: (S) – semestre (1) – first – (2) – second – (A) Annual (-) tba
Courses S Courses S
Bachelor's degree in Advertising and Public Relations Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Public Management
Creative Portfolio - Comparative Politics I 1
Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finances International Economy and Trade 2
Marketing 2 European Foreign Policy -
International Economics 2 English for the Social Sciences A
Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Management Spain's Foreign Policy -
Air Cargo Operations - Contemporary International System 1
Logistical Operations Management - Political Thought A
Airport Operations I 2 Economic Policy and Public Sector Economics 2
Airport Operations II 1 Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration
Work Placement - Public Sector Accounting -
Project Management 2 Mathematics II 2
Bachelor's degree in Applied Statistics Management Accounting -
Final Project - Economic Policy -
Bachelor's degree in Business and Technology Economic Integration -
Marketing 2 Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering
Final Project - Purification of Industrial Pollutants -
Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Administration Bachelor's degree in Chemistry
Industrial Organisation - Spectroscopy 2
Finances I 1 Structural Determination 1
World Economic History 1 Environmental Chemistry and Sustainability 2
Microeconomics I 1 Quality Analysis and Management 1
Law 1 Polymeric Materials and Biomaterials 2
Introduction to Economics 1 Metals in Biology and Medicine 1
Sociology - Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
Labour Law - Computational Learning -
Econometrics I 2 Final Project -
Finances II 2 Professional English I 1
Human Resources 2 Professional English II 2
Mathematics I 1 Bachelor's degree in Criminology
Strategic Management II 2 Criminological Theories A
Strategic Management I 1 Research Project -
Cost Accounting 2 Crimes Against Humanity and Human Rights -
International Trade - Criminology Language 1
Macroeconomics I 2 Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education
Information Systems - Foreign Language in Early Childhood Education 2
Operations Management I 2 Bachelor's degree in Economics
Capital Markets - General Sociology -
Final Project - Economic Integration 2
Topics on Spanish Economy 1 Macroeconomics I 2
Information Economics - Public Sector Economics 2
Microeconomics II 2 Information Systems -
Principles of Taxation - Finances I -
Marketing I 1 Econometrics I 2
Marketing II 2 Spanish Economics 1
Financial Accounting - Capital Markets -
Bachelor's degree in Economics Finances II -
Mathematics II 2 Economic History of the World 1
Marketing I - Industrial Organisation -
Marketing II - Microeconomics I 1
Strategic Management I - Microeconomics II 2
Strategic Management II - Information Economics -
Labour Law - Law 1
Cost Accounting - Introduction to Economics 1
Final Project - Human Resources -
Economic Policy 1 Mathematics I 1
Economic Development - Bachelor's degree in Primary Education
European Economic Integration - Education and Educational Contexts A
Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering for Telecommunication Society, Science and Culture A
Electronic Systems Design 1 Contemporary Theories and Practices in Education 1
Advanced Engineering Project - Final Project 2
Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science Practicum V 2
Environment and Society 1 Mathematics for Teachers 2
Radiation and Materials Physics 2 Learning and Development 1
Bachelor's degree in Genetics Teaching and Learning of Knowledge of the Natural, Social and Cultural Environment A
Molecular Genetic Diagnosis 2 Social Context and School Management 1
Bachelor's degree in Law Didactics and Curriculum Development 1
Final Project - Mathematics Learning and Curriculum 2
Bachelor's degree in Medicine Learning and development I 1
Patient-Doctor Relation 2 Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in Primary Education -
Medicine and Surgery II A Contemporary World: Practices and Contents -
Bachelor's degree in Microbiology Learning a Foreign language (English) in Primary Education using ICT -
Virology 2 Bachelor's degree in Psychology
Bachelor's degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Sports Psychology 1
SolidState 2 Intelligence and Cognitive Processes 2
Electronic Mechanisms 2 Bachelor's degree in Sociology
Bachelor's degree in Physics English for Social Sciences A
Introduction to Cosmology 2 Social Change and Globalisation 1
Probability and Statistics 1 Educational Policy -
Mechanics Theory and Non Linear Systems 1 Bachelor's degree in Speech Therapy
Advanced Quantum Mechanics 2 Advances in Voice Analysis and Characterization 2
Quantum Optics 1 Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine
General Relativity 2 Animal Reproduction 1
Applied Optics 1    



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