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Study Abroad Programme in Regular Studies

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has created a series of programmes for international students who wish to study subjects in Spanish or English. Students can join the regular courses offered at the main Campus (Study Abroad Programmes in Regular Studies), be part of a group with a made-to-measure programme (Tailor Made Programmes) or spend 15 weeks in Barcelona studying Spanish and a choice between two and five subjects taught in English, individually or within a group (Pre-established Study Abroad Programmes). Students will receive a certificate from the UAB that they can present at their home university to validate the credits obtained.

These programmes are private and students will have to pay tuition fees. The programmes are not available for exchange students such as Erasmus students. If you are interested in an exchange programme, please select the corresponding option on the left-hand-side menu.

Study Abroad Programmes in Regular Studies allow students to join the regular courses offered at the main Campus. These subjects are also attended by local undergraduate students.

Students interested can find the enrolment form and other useful information on the right-hand-side menu.

The programmes take place during the normal UAB term periods:
First Semester: 25 September 2007 - 15 February 2008
Second Semester: 18 February - 13 June 2008

Orientation Course
This optional course is offered to all the students enrolled on the Study Abroad Programmes in Regular Studies. Students will find out about life in Spanish universities, and in particular the UAB, helping them to adapt easily to life at the UAB. Students will learn the characteristics of the Spanish university system and the differences between studying in Spain and studying elsewhere. Spain and Catalonia will also be a very important part of this course so that the cultural and language differences do not become a problem for the student's integration. The course will be offered twice a year at the main UAB campus before each semester and will have two parts: one for all the students and one specifically designed for each student based on the subjects they will take at the UAB.

The programmes are available in different subject areas, as listed below. Click on the subject area of interest to learn more: subject name, semester and credits and in which language the subject is taught.




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