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Online and combined classroom/distance courses

The UAB also has a bimodal learning model, combining the advantages of classroom learning with the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). All UAB centres have modules you can take using the bimodal learning model (classroom/distance).

 Undergraduate courses 
Continuing education
  • Geography online: This degree is designed to provide solid scientific training in basic and applied geography and in territorial analysis and planning.

  • Statistics (bimodal): This degree is designed to provide the necessary training for recording, analysing and interpreting data through mathematics and probability calculation.

  • Electronics Engineering (bimodal): combined classroom/distance courses are being tried for some modules, promoting alternative learning models that focus more on the student's work.

  • Speech Therapy (bimodal): students taking the degree at the School of Health Sciences, in Manresa, can choose the combined mode (semipresencial), which combines e-learning with face-to-face lectures. Students have the benefit of flexibility and autonomy as well as the monitoring of a lecturer and face-to-face lectures.

  • Core, compulsory and free-choice modules.



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