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What is a minor?

A minor is a university itinerary course organised by a UAB centre and addressed to students of different degree studies.
Once all subjects in the minor itinerary are passed:
1. Students will be issued a European Diploma Supplement (DS).
2. The credits taken in the minor will form part of the total of credits needed to obtain a university degree and will count as optional credits of the degree the student is studying.

What minors are offered at UAB?

Minor in Basque Studies
Minor in Classical Culture
Minor in East Asian Studies
Minor in Galician Studies
Minor in Gender Studies
Minor in German Studies
Minor in Italian Studies
Minor in Language and Voice Problems
Minor in Language Sciences
Minor in Literary and Cultural Studies
Minor in Medieval Romance Cultures and Literatures
Minor in Philosophy Studies
Minor in Portuguese Studies
Minor in Professional English
Minor in Translation and Interpreting


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