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Free-choice credits

The aim of free-choice credits is to give students the opportunity to receive multi-disciplinary training, rather than just their own syllabus. Because these credits are free-choice, they can include modules that do not fit in to a syllabus either because they are new subjects or because they are too specific.

External institutions can also propose other activities that may be recognised by free-choice credits.

The UAB also awards free-choice credits to elite athletes who study UAB courses from home. This does not depend on their achieving good results in competition.

As the non-EHEA studies are being phased out, the UAB Academic Affairs Committe meeting of November 24 set up new criteria for the approval of free-choice activities.

For the 2015/2016 term, only the faculties/schools with non-EHEA studies will be allowed to submit new activites as long as they are addressed only to the students of these particular studies:

Faculty or School Studies
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine    Veterinary Medicine
School of Engineering Chemical Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Computer Engineering
Faculty of Medicine Medicine
Faculty of Sciences Computer Engineering + non-EHEA Mathematics degree
Computer Engineering + EHEA Mathematics degree
Faculty of Economics and Business Studies Business Administration and Management + Law

Activities addressed to students from other faculties will not be approved, neither will be activites addressed to all of the students of the UAB.
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All courses require a certain number of free-choice credits to be earned. The following list shows some of the numerous ways you can gain them:

Search engine for activities for which free-choice credits may be awarded
Modules from other UAB courses for which free-choice credits may be awarded



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