Euraxess Jobs

EURAXESS Jobs is a free job portal managed by the European Commission where you can find a large number of fellowships and job offers in relation to research in Spain and Europe.
The H2020 projects are specially encourage to make international advertising through Euraxess jobs portal. The H2020 Annotated Model Grant Agreement commit H2020 beneficiaries to take necessary measures in order to implement the principles of the Letter for researchers and the Conduct Code to hire researchers, the so called Charter&Code, related topics are:  

  • Work conditions,
  • Transparent and based merits recruitment processess,  
  • Researchers career development.
This article is not an evaluation criterion; therefore it does not help institutions when applying for H2020 funding. However, as specified under Chapter 6, following a check, audit, extension of audit findings, review or OLAF investigation, the H2020 grant beneficiary may be requested to provide evidence that Art. 32 has been duly applied. Within this frame, the HR logo may be considered a proof â though not the only one - of the implementation of the C&C principles. The international advertising on Euraxess and also the mesures taken during the recruitment procedures according the C&C must be demonstrative.

Euraxess Jobs advertising at UAB

In order to publish job offers linked to H2020 at UAB’ Euraxess jobs account, departments/institutes must follow the following steps:

  • Contact Begoña Miñarro ( and request the registration at the UAB’ Euraxess jobs account.