UAB Emprčn programme

UAB Emprèn is a programme that has been created by the UAB to encourage the generation of new ideas and business projects by all members of the university community.

This programme comprises training, assessment and accompaniment activities, as well as initiatives for the exchange of experiences and finding out first hand from those who have already been successful with their new ideas.

Expert experience and knowledge guarantees a tailor-made orientation to all aspects of each project.


Occupability Service UAB: dedicated to helping our students and graduates enter the employment market. It also fosters the development of innovative ideas by offering information and assessment to entrepreneurs.

UAB Research Park: a knowledge and technology transfer network created to respond to the needs of our research staff; it gives support to entrepreneurs interested in creating a company based on research in any area of knowledge (spin-off or technology-based company).

Centro de Iniciativas Emprendedoras Universitarias (EUTDH-UAB): the centre for university entrepreneurship initiatives was created by the UAB School of Tourism and Hotel Management (EUTDH) to foster entrepreneurship and innovation among university members, especially among those studying at the EUTDH.

TIC Laude: "Platform for young European university entrepreneurs" addressed to all UAB undergraduate students and alumni; it offers free training to all entrepreneurs interested in putting a creative business plan into practice.

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