Col·loqui "What is Noncommutative Functional Analysis about?
El Col·loqui Martin Mathieu
15.03.2017 La recerca  -  Dimecres 15 de març, a les 12:15 h (Auditori del CRM)

El proper dimecres 15 de març, a les 12:15 h, a l'Auditori del CRM, hi haurà el Col·loqui titulat What is Noncommutative Functional Analysis about?   a càrrec de Martin Mathieu (Queen's University, Belfast).

Noncommutative Functional Analysis, or more general “Noncommutative Mathematics”, has been talked on quite a lot in the last few years; but what is it about? I shall present an introduction to the ideas and concepts of Noncommutative Functional Analysis that go as far back as Heisenberg and von Neumann and are based on the noncommutative algebra of operators on Hilbert space. We shall touch on various applications in other areas of Mathematics such as Probability Theory or Geometry and discuss in a bit more detail applications to operator theory on C*-algebras which are obtained via a recently developed sheaf theory for C*-algebras.


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