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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has agreements with many universities throughout Europe and the globe. To check if your University has an agreement with UAB, you should contact the International Office at your University, or alternatively you can contact us.

If your University has an agreement with the
Facultat de Ciències and you have been nominated as an exchange student to this faculty, take into account the following information and procedure.


NOMINATION All incoming exchange students must be selected and nominated by their home university. Partner universities must send nominations to erasmus@uab.cat. Deadlines are:
For Autumn semester : June 1
For Spring semester: December 1

APPLICATION FORM After being nominated, you have to apply online.
Application Forms must be received by the application deadline. Otherwise, your application will not be considered:
For Autumn semester: April 1 to June 15
For Spring semester: October 1 to December 10

LEARNING AGREEMENT FOR STUDIES In order to be fully admitted as Erasmus+ student, you are required to send your proposal of  Learning Agreement for Studies to intercanvis.ciencies@uab.cat and get it signed by the corresponding Erasmus+ exchange coordinator (no other signatures will be accepted). However, you will be able to change it after your arrival in case of timetable conflict, course cancellation, extension/reduction of your stay, etc. Deadlines for LA changes:
For Autumn semester courses: October 31
For Spring semester courses: March 4

Only courses in line with our Course catalogue will be accepted.


For placements only, you must contact the responsible department and apply through Erasmus+ traineeship modality (Learning Agreement for Traineeship).

 COURSE CATALOGUE - Choosing your courses in the Faculty of Sciences 

Here is our COURSE CATALOGUE. Choose the degree from SCIENCES section and browse tabs "Study plan structure", "Study guides".
Study guides have complete information (course code and name, semester, teacher's name, language of instruction, etc).

Syllabus for Bachelor degrees in PDF format (valid for 2016-17)

STUDY GUIDES in the following links:
ALL undergraduatre degrees.
Grau de Ciències Ambientals (Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science).
Grau d'Estadística Aplicada (Bachelor's Degree in Applied Statistics).
Grau de Física (Bachelor's Degree in Physics).
Grau de Geologia (Bachelor's Degree in Geology).
Grau de Matemàtiques (Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics).
Grau de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (Bachelor's Degree in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology).
Grau de Química (Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry).

Most undergraduate courses are taught in Catalan. Only a few in Spanish or English. However you can write your exams in English or Spanish at your convenience.
For courses taught in English check the syllabus (search for footnotes indicating "Docència en anglès / Subject taught in English").

WARNING it is compulsory to take a minimum of 50% ECTS from Facultat de Ciències (your faculty of admission). Courses from other faculties or schools are at your own risk. You have to ask them for admission. Check availability and application procedure at the corresponding UAB exchange office.
You will earn ECTS according to the value indicated in each course that you register and pass. No additional ECTS can be obtained.
Language courses are managed by UAB Language Service which will issue specific certificates for your convenience.

Courses such Treball Fi de Grau (Final Thesis/Project), Pràctiques externes (Work placement) or lab courses, included in our Course Catalogue, are not generally offered to exchange students. You need specific admission from the corresponding departmental exchange coordinator before including it in your Learning Agreement.

Only "Official UAB" type masters from Faculty of Science can be openned to exchange students (except Remote sensing and GIS). However, access is restricted (see admission requirements for each programme), depending on student's background, number of your previous ECTS passed -180ECTS-, available places and master's coordinator acceptance. Maximum 30ECTS/academic year. Send your previous transcript of records along with your Learning Agreement. Most master programmes are taught in English.
Masters with column "Type" labelled "Erasmus Mundus" or "Inter-university" are not open to regular Erasmus+ students.

Master programme Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability will not open to exchange students until the end of September 2016 due to its high number of regular students. Available seats will be allocated according to the master coordinator before the semester start.

• TIMETABLE and CLASSROOMS for Lectures & Exams:
http://www.uab.cat/ciencies -> Informació Acadèmica -> Horaris i exàmens

CALENDAR: http://www.uab.cat/ciencies -> Informació Acadèmica -> Calendari acadèmic 2016-17

1st semester / WS - September 12 to February 10.
2nd semester / SS - February 13 to June 30

Exchange students do not have language requirements, but take into account the following information.
Recomended level is B1 for Catalan, Spanish and English lectures.
Most courses are taught in Catalan ( free  courses for exchange students -see Special prices section-), others in Spanish (Language courses available at Servei de Llengües).
Meet a language partner with Tandem programme.
Try the online Experience University in Catalan and Parla.cat.

"Access to the UAB for foreign and exchange students" HandBook UAB (cat es en) and General Information (cat es en).
A pocket guide (cat es en) to enjoying your stay (80 tips).


Our campus provides many facilities about accommodation.
See how to reach the UAB. Mobility and transport in the campus.
Join Mentor Programme  or welcome programmes to have a better experience.
International Welcome Days are scheduled each semester.

ESN (Erasmus Student Network Barcelona) .


Should you have any questions, please contact Oficina d'Intercanvis

Help us to improve our Exchange web pages.
Send an email to intercanvis.ciencies@uab.cat.

last update July 1 2016

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