Cultura en Viu


Thursday October 19th at 13 pm.
Handia, de Jon Garaño i Aitor Arregui (2017)

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Thursday 22 June at 19:30
Theatre UAB

UAB Cinema

Check the programming of cinema cycles, Verdi previews and projections of movies, short films or documentaries that are organised in UAB faculties, departments, and entities and by UAB student societies. All the activities are free.

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UAB Theatre

The UAB Theatre was opened in 1997 by Pepe Rubianes. There you can find a varied programming of dance, theatre and music of own production and professional shows. All the activities are free.

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Who are we

Cultura en Viu is the programme of production, creation and cultural promotion at UAB. Therefore the activities are focused on encouraging creativity, developing critical sense and facilitating the approach to artictic production and management processes.

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