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PRUAB promotes the signing of a collaboration agreement between Catalonia and South Korea

The memorandum of understanding signed by the Catalan Government and the South Korean Province of Gyeonggi represents a step towards a "preferred partnership" between the two countries in the creation of technology-based firms. [+]


UAB research activities now available online

UAB's research activities are now available on an online database which allows users to consult research projects and publications carried out by the University's teaching and research staff. [+]


New method allows to encapsulate substances in nanospheres

Researchers at CIN2 and the Department of Chemistry have developed a method to obtain nanometric capsules which release substances for medical, environmental or technological applications. [+]



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08/04/14 Library Service -  1 euro, 1 book [+]
07/04/14 Library Service -  Exhitibions at Humanities Library [+]
04/04/14 Training -  Seminari GSADI: Motivational Strategies and Redistributive Policies [+]
04/04/14 Department -  Defensa de tesi de Edgar Eduardo Blanco Obando [+]
04/04/14 General -  Start of Intensive Spanish Courses at UAB Idiomes Barcelona [+]
02/04/14 Teaching centres -  [+]
01/04/14 Popularization -  A new issue of "Papers. Journal of Sociology" has been published [+]
01/04/14 Research -  Experts Demand Lead Ammunition Be Replaced by Steel in Shooting Sports [+]

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