Protein Desing and Immunotherapy

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Sandra Villegas (IP)
Gabriel Serra-Mir (PhD Student)
Alejandro R Roda (PhD Student)
Jorge Madrid-Paredes (Graduate Student).

Former Members:
Marta Marín-Argany
Geovanny Rivera-Hernánez
Bernat Blasco-Moreno
Laia Montoliu Gaya
Jofre Güell-Bosch
Gisela Esqueda-Canals
Joaquim Martí.

We are interested in implementing our background in the protein misfolding field to several devastating conditions affecting humans, especially to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), but also to PD, ataxias, systemic amyloidosis, and atherosclerosis. Our main research line is the rational engineering of humanized monoclonal antibodies to obtain Aβ- and Tau-targeted antibody fragments and to test them in the 3xTg-AD mouse model. We previously designed an anti-Aβ scFv, scFv-h3D6, and shown its effectiveness after the administration of a single intraperitoneal dose to young mice and a 5-dose treatment to elderly mice. At these two different phases of AD (early and late), the beneficence of the treatment was evident at the behavioral, cellular, and molecular levels. Because Tau pathology correlates with cognitive decline better than Aβ pathology, our current challenge is obtaining bifunctional antibodies targeting Aβ and Tau in concert.
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