Lipid-based nanosized drug delivery systems


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Ramon Barnadas, Jan Trallero, amb una estreta col·laboració  Joan Suades (Unitat de Química Inorgànica, UAB) i Mercedes Camacho (Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau).

Phospholipid aggregates are in common use as universal drug delivery carriers. Modulation of their physicochemical properties enables the design of particular systems with desired properties. Currently we have two lines of investigation involving the use of phospholipids and surfactants as nanosized drug delivery systems.
On one hand, iron absorption and transport through different cell cultures (mono and cocultures) of several iron-containing formulations are being studied as a result of a contract with a pharmaceutical company.
On the other hand, we are working on the preparation and characterization of mixed systems constituted by phospholipids and molybdenum carbonylic metallosurfactants, a particular molecule which exhibits CO releasing properties. In recent years it has been corroborated that, at certain levels, local delivery of CO exhibits therapeutic effects, for example, as anti-inflammatory, in cardiovascular diseases and also in organ transplantation.

                                   Figure 1. Structures of metallosurfactants
                                       which contain a) 5 CO (TCO) or 4 CO
                                  (TCO) groups, and of c) phosphatidylcholine.

                                 Figure 2. Cryo-TEM images of mixed systems
                                 of metallosurfactants and phosphatidylcholine.
                                 Depending on the mol ratio of the components
                                   vesicles (upper images) or micelles (lower
                                                images) can be obtained.

Other references: Alba; Blood
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