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Apoptotic cell death physiologically contributes to the homeostasis in the cell number of the organism. Apoptosis is tightly controlled by caspase activation. Caspases activate when cytochrome C is released from the intermembrane space of the mitochondria or by activation of plasma membrane death receptors (Fas or TNF receptor). We aim to characterize the mechanisms that regulate neuronal death induced by death receptors. We also want to assess the physiological relevance of intracellular death receptor antagonists (lifeguard, FAIM-L and FLIP). Another important aspect of our activity is devoted to characterize the effects of NFkB activation (induced by death receptor engagement) on the prevention of death receptor induced apoptosis. The knowledge from this approach should be used to better understand the pathogenesis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson.



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