Degree in Physics

Introduction Degree in Physics

The Physics Degree is built around two main goals. First, for the student to gain a solid scientific basis over all the main concepts of Physics, both theoretical and instrumental. Second, that they may achieve an interdisciplinar and transversal scientific education, always following the new Physics frontiers, so that they are ready for the new career opportunities in the field.

Moreover, the Physics studies at UAB can be performed along the Mathematics or Chemistry Degrees, through the double degrees of
Physics and Mathematics, and Physics and Chemistry.

Studying Physics at UAB will also give you the opportunity to work close to researchers of the University's Physics Department, established in the Research Units. Apart from that, the UAB Campus hosts many Research Institutes, which investigate a wide variety of Physics specialities.

The University also offers many Official Masters in Physics, all of which stem from the Physics Department.

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Coordination Team

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For any questions concerning the Physics Degree, the Coordination Team can be contacted through the following adress:

  • Physics Coordinator: Dr Juan Camacho.
  • Deputy Physics Coordinator: Dra Marta González Silveira
  • Physics Exchange Coordinator: Dr. Vicenç Mèndez.
  • Physics Degree Project Coordinator: Dr Aitor Lopeandia
  • Physics Practices in Business Coordinator: Dr Jordi Garcia Orellana


Physics Teaching Comission

According to the regulations of the Faculty of Sciences (reglament de la Facultat de Ciències), the Teaching Commission is the ordinary management organ of the Degree. Amongst its functions, the Comission approves the exam calendar, the timetables, and so on, and decides over any aspect concerning the teaching of the Degree. Its president is the Coordinator, and its members are the Deputy Coordinator, four Professors of the degree, and a student for each year of the degree.

The Physics Degree shares its space with the Double Degrees of Physics and Mathematics, and Physics and Cemistry, a student from each of these Degrees also participates in the Comission.

The Physics Teaching Comission is currently formed by:

  • Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator (Carles Navau and Marta González)
  • Four Professors of the Degree (Daniel Campos, Lluís Font, Joaquim Matias and Juan Camacho).
  • Four representatives of the students of the Physics Degree -one per year-, a representative of the Physics and Mathematics Double Degree and a representative of the Physics and Chemistry Double Degree.

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