Level tests on Barcelona

If you have a certificate you can enrol directly in the next level. If you already have some knowledge of the language you want to learn but do not have any certificate, we recommend taking a level test to find out which course is best for you.

The level test is free of charge and does not commit the test-taker to enrolling on course. During the level tests, our teachers will also answer any questions about the courses (timetables, calendar, methodology, content, etc.). 

You can book an English level test  clicking on this link. For other languages, you can contact us by email at info.idiomes@uab.cat.

Description of the test
The level test consist of an individual interview, trough Zoom video platform, with a UAB Idiomes teacher.

When you finish the test the teacher will tell you which course is best for you. From then on you can enrol at the offices of UAB Idiomes Barcelona.