Enrolment & other procedures

Enrolment for exams
Any person who wants to obtain an English level may enrol on the June exam session.

Reserving times for the different parts of the exam
Information about the reservation period is provided at the moment of registration to reserve times for the different parts of the exam. If a time is not reserved for all parts of the exam through the UAB Idiomes website, it is assumed that the candidate relinquishes the right to take the exam. On making the reservation candidates are informed of the rooms where the exams will take place.
Exam candidates with special needs
UAB Idiomes Barcelona will attempt to adapt the exams to meet the particular needs of candidates with disabilities. Candidates should therefore express these needs when enrolling. A UAB Idiomes Barcelona representative will then get in contact and arrange for the Student Disability Service (PIUNE) or another specialist service to report on the modifications that need to be made.
Exam results
The results are posted here. Students can check their results on our website or at the school, where teachers can clarify any doubts. Certificates can be requested here when the grades have been posted, and are issued within approximately 30 working days.
Exam reviews
Candidates are entitled to an exam review. Additionally, candidates can be given an explanation of how each part of the exam operates, the scoring criteria and procedures, and the criteria for passing the exam. Information about the exam review period is provided when the grades are posted.

Appeals are resolved by an appeals board.