Exams and Certificates


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Students get a course certificate provided they pass the final test at the end of the course. As a DELE examination centre accredited by Instituto Cervantes, we offer exam sessions, both to our students and external candidates. Please, check information on the link below:

DELE Exam sessions 



We are an authorised SIELE examination centre, and exams are only open to UAB Idiomes students. There are two options available: SIELE global (complete exam) and independent modalities (combination of the various tests).To register for the exam, please send an email at examenes.idiomas.barcelona@uab.cat



             SIELE Global exam         Objetivo SIELE course         Total
UAB Idiomas students                         140 €                   0 €      140 €**
Official price                 155 €                 50 €         205 €

**You save 65 €

Contact us for independent modalities pricing.