University Access Spanish Course (CAU)

Intensive Spanish programme, general and specific, for Chinese students who want to access undergraduate or master's studies in Spain. The CAU programme has been designed and organised together with Beijing Zhongxiqiao Education, a collaborating agent in China.

Course duration: 8 months (from October to June / from January to August)
Total hours: 640 (4* hours daily)
Timetable: from 9* to 11 a.m. and from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.

* some days start at 8 - 8.30 to offset holidays and therefore complete the total hours of the programme.

The objective of the course is for students to reach a B2 level of Spanish in order to start their studies, facilitating their adaptation to the Spanish university system. The fulfilment of the objective depends on two factors:

• the level of Spanish with which the course begins
• progress throughout the course

The course is adapted to the needs of the students, who obtain the corresponding certification at the end. We can offer individual monitoring of each student to ensure that the learning method is appropriate in each case.

Students learn to communicate fluently in different contexts, formal and informal, academic and professional.

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  • The first part of the programme is devoted exclusively to general Spanish.
  • The second part is combined with specific Spanish from the moment in which the students acquire level B1 (CEFR), which is generally from the fifth month. The specific Spanish includes: Academic Spanish, Business Spanish, and the Culture and History of Spain. 

Communicative and interactive activities are carried out to develop the four skills: oral expression and comprehension, written expression and comprehension.

The evaluation system of the Spanish Course for University Access (CAU) takes into account the student's progress during the course and the acquisition of the objectives set in the program. Therefore, students have monthly progress tests and a certification exam every two months.

On the last Friday of each month, individual tutorial sessions are held throughout the two teaching sessions. The teacher guides the student on their progress and communicates the aspects in which they must improve.

The courses include cultural activities and visits approximately every two months to different places of interest in Barcelona and also other towns. Seminars are also organised with university professors on various topics, such as Spanish History and Culture or International Marketing, among others.

Universities, agencies or individual students interested in this programme should contact our collaborating agent Kevin Zhou, from Beijing Zhongxiqiao Education, by email to The agent will provide them with information about courses and enrolment procedure.