Pre-sessional Spanish Language Course (CPUE)

Tailor-made programme addressed to international students who want to access Spanish universities. The objective of the course is for students to reach the linguistic skills required for undergraduate or master's studies in Spain. Possibility to choose the course contents, calendar and total number of hours. The  programme may be held in English or Spanish.

General Spanish classes can be combined with:
•    Spanish for business
•    Spanish for specific purposes
•    Complementary language courses (English or other languages)
•    DELE exam preparation (B2 or C1)

We offer you an example of a 10 month language programme, with different options available according to the entry Spanish level:
Course for beginner level students in Spanish: levels A1.1 - B2 
Students cover the language content between levels A1.1 and B2.3. During the last two months more specific language content will be included, such as Spanish for academic purposes, business Spanish and exam preparation for DELE B2.

Course for students with prior knowledge (A2 certified): levels B1.1 - C1.2
Students cover the language content between levels B1.1 and C1.2. During the last two months more specific language content will be included, such as Spanish for academic purposes, business Spanish and exam preparation for DELE C1.

Complementary courses
Students may take the following regular English courses (2 classes a week):
a.    English for PCE (Specific Competency Tests): English course to prepare for the University Entrance exam for those who want to improve their access grade. 
b.    Academic English: course addressed to undergraduate students aimed at improving comprehension and production skills in English. 
c.   General English

The programme may include other Specific Competency Tests (PCE) according to the needs of the group.

Download the course information.

Our language teaching method is based on a communicative approach and error correction, so our students can put into practice what they have learned in the language classroom and linguistic spaces. For this reason, the four language skills are developed: oral interaction, written expression, reading comprehension and listening.

Online learning platform
Our courses are housed on a Learning Management System, designed to foster learning outside the classroom. The system allows students to download documents, hand in assignments, contact the teacher and take tests to check their learning progress.  

Every month there will be a progress test to check if the level has been assimilated. The tests may include: use of the language (grammar and vocabulary), reading and writing comprehension, oral production and writing tasks. 

•    Course certificate
•    Optional DELE/SIELE exam

Free level test
Our teaching team will advise you on the most suitable course according to the students level. 

Correspondence of course length and language levels of the CEFR are shown in this equivalence table.

Accommodation arranged by the university:
•    Shared apartments with other international students
•    Host Families
•    Vila universitària: hall of residence located on main UAB campus

Cultural visits
The programme may include different kind of cultural activities and/or visits to interesting local sites. 

Seminars conducted by UAB professors
We can arrange seminars and master classes according to the interests of the group. 

Universities and educational agencies can contact us by email to Susanna Pérez ( with detailed information about number of students, course dates and preferred times. Once we receive the request, we will send a detailed academic proposal and quote.