In Company courses

In Company Language Service

Our language service for companies provides a personalised service with high quality and effective training, adapted to your linguistic needs and focused on the development of your employees’ professional skills. Our courses are designed based on a detailed understanding of the client’s needs in order to offer tailor-made training.

We offer face-to-face classes in your company, online courses and bimodal or blended learning (a combination of face-to-face and online). Online classes can be convenient for those students with limited availability. If you wish to receive more information or have any queries, can advise you about the best option for your company free of charge. 

We can arrange tailor-made programmes, with university qualifications, according to the company needs. Throughout the course we monitor, supervise and evaluate students’ learning, so we can send reports  on students’ progress and achievement of objectives. 

Other aspects

  • We offer classes in different formats: One-to-One, Two-to-One and groups
  • We adapt to your needs regarding the timetabling of classes.
  • Our teachers travel to your company to deliver the onsite classes.
  • The length of courses depends on the type of course and the objectives you seek to achieve.
  • The cost is calculated after free-of-charge level tests, with no commitment required.
  • Courses may be subsidised by the Fundación Tripartita. We provide all the documentation required for the application. 




UAB Idiomes uses the following online platforms to give video lessons: Microsoft Teams, G Suite for Education, Zoom, Skype.

All these platforms have the following technical features:

  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS
  • Can be used with any type of computer, tablet, or mobile
  • No software download necessary
  • Up to 50 participants can attend at the same time
  • Lesson can be recorded and sent to students who have missed the class
  • Participants can send instant messages to everyone else in the group

Advantages of online classes

Online classes have many advantages: Students can attend the lesson from anywhere, and no travel time was involved, so student attendance increased. 

We have positive feedback from client companies and the students themselves as you can see in the video above:


  • General courses.
  • Conversation courses.
  • Exam preparation courses.
  • Business language courses applied to: marketing, sales, purchasing, international commerce, accounting, finance, law, medicine, tourism and hotel management, pharmacy, insurance, secretarial language, etc.
  • Specific language areas: telephone skills, negotiations, presentations, writing skills, translation, report writing, dealing with the public, congresses, writing and reading technical texts, etc.



For further information please fill in this form or send an email to Mark Aspinall, In Company courses coordinator, at   

Companies or entities located on the Bellaterra campus can send their applications directly to the Head of Studies at UAB Idiomes Campus by email to